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There are many reasons why a tooth may need to be extracted, including disease or damage. When a tooth is so decayed that it can no longer be saved with a dental crown or filling, the best option is to remove it. An infected tooth may also need to be pulled to stop the spread of infection and prevent further problems for the surrounding teeth and jaw.

A tooth's pulp can become infected due to decay or trauma to the mouth, resulting in a condition known as an abscessed tooth. In this case, the tooth can be removed to prevent even more damage to the mouth. Trauma to a tooth can also result in cracks or fractures. If the tooth cannot be restored, it’s best to have it removed.

Impacted teeth also need to be removed to prevent damage to the other teeth in the mouth. Impaction is when the jaw has insufficient room for wisdom teeth to erupt into position and fully become functional. In such cases, our dentists at Kik Dental may recommend pulling them before damage occurs to other healthy teeth. 

The Procedure for Teeth Extraction 

Patients are administered local anesthesia before their tooth extraction procedure. Once the treatment area is numb, the dentist will use an elevator tool to remove the tooth from its socket in the jawbone. The space is thoroughly cleaned to ensure no tooth fragments are left behind. If the patient needs multiple teeth removed in the same appointment, they will be removed one at a time until all damaged teeth are extracted. 

After tooth extraction, it is essential to follow all instructions for aftercare. To prevent infection, the extraction site must be kept clean and free of debris and bacteria. There may be some bleeding or slight discomfort following the procedure, but these can be managed with medication prescribed by the dentist. Most patients can resume normal activities a few days after surgery. Still, avoiding strenuous exercise for about two weeks after the procedure is completed is essential to promote proper healing.

The Benefits of Teeth Extractions 

  • Eliminating pain and discomfort caused by severe tooth decay, impacted teeth, or infections. 
  • Preventing damage to healthy adjacent teeth. 
  • Preventing the spread of the infection to surrounding tissues. 
  • Creating space to proceed with orthodontic treatment. 
  • Recovery time is usually short.
  • There is little or no discomfort during and following an extraction procedure. 

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