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Dental crowns are cap-like restorations that fit over the entire tooth, restoring its appearance while protecting it against further damage. At Kik Dental, they can be made from several materials, including porcelain and composite resin. Porcelain crowns are often recommended because they offer the most natural appearance. However, there are times when a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown is more appropriate, such as when the patient’s gums have receded significantly, or the tooth is weak and needs to be reinforced with metal. 

A dental crown may be the correct restoration if your tooth has been damaged due to decay or injury or is worn down due to bruxism. It is also an ideal solution if you have large fillings that need to be replaced since a crown will restore your tooth’s strength and shape and give you a beautiful smile. 

The Procedure for Dental Crowns 

Before starting the procedure, our dentist will take X-rays of the tooth. Then, they will prepare it for the fitting process. Typically, the dentist will first file down the enamel on the tooth to create sufficient room for the permanent crown to fit over the remaining portion of the natural tooth. Then, our dentist will take impressions based on which the laboratory technician can craft the custom crown. A temporary crown may be placed on your tooth until the final restoration is ready. 

Once the permanent crown is ready, the temporary one will be removed, and your final crown will be cemented using a strong dental adhesive resin material. A special light may be used to harden this bonding compound so the crown is secure. 

When cared for properly with routine brushing and flossing, a dental crown can last many years without complications. It is essential to see our dentist for regular checkups and cleanings to ensure the health of your new crown. Once your crown is in place, it is important not to chew on hard foods until the numbness wears off to prevent damage to your new crown. 

The Benefits of Dental Crowns 

A crown is a cap or covering that fits over a tooth that is damaged, cracked, worn down, or otherwise weakened. In addition to strengthening and protecting the natural tooth structure, a crown can dramatically improve the tooth's appearance. It can cover stains, cracks, misalignment, and even gaps between teeth.

Some patients choose to get crowns for cosmetic reasons alone. This is often the case for patients unhappy with the shape, size, or alignment of their teeth. In these cases, dental crowns are used to hide imperfections and improve the smile's overall appearance. 

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