Invisalign in Boise, ID

Invisalign Treatment in Boise, ID

What is Invisalign and How Does it Work?

Invisalign is a modern orthodontic system that uses clear, comfortable aligners to gradually shift teeth into proper alignment. Impressions are taken of your teeth allowing the 3D imaging software to digitally move your teeth according to proprietary algorithms and our clinical instructions. A series of clear trays are then custom milled which correspond to the specific movement patterns required to align your teeth into a beautiful smile.

Patients wear these aligners at least 20 hours per day, taking them out while eating. (Most people wear them full time, except when eating and brushing). Discomfort with Invisalign is very minimal compared to traditional bracket/wire orthodontics. Trays are removable and clear, and most of your friends won’t even notice you are wearing them. It does take a few days to get used to speaking with the trays in - but this has never been a deal breaker for any of our patients in the many years we’ve been providing Invisalign treatment.

Why Do Invisalign?

Invisalign orthodontic treatment is not just about looking good. It’s very important for your overall oral health. While looking better and improving your smile is fantastic, it’s important to remember that straight teeth are healthier teeth! Even modest amounts of crowding can lead to inflammation, gingivitis, periodontal disease, chipping and tooth breakage. Straightening your teeth makes them easier to brush and floss at home, and well as making your dental hygiene visits here at the office faster, better and easier. Straight teeth are an investment in your overall oral health. And of course, your smile may be significantly improved!

Invisalign vs. Other Aligner Systems

Clear aligners are not all the same. Firstly, with Invisalign your doctor diagnoses your occlusion (bite) and formulates a customized treatment plan. Secondly, a doctor supervises your entire treatment from start to finish. This is critically important versus the unsupervised systems that are available. Simply put: without supervision, bad things can happen. (Don’t let that happen to you!) Lastly, the tray plastics and attachments Invisalign uses are very high-tech and entirely different from other systems - allowing precise movement of your teeth with a high degree of accuracy and better end results.


Please call our office if you are interested in discussing Invisalign. We can evaluate your situation in a brief exam and give you a cost and treatment time estimate. We hope you will join the hundreds of patients we’ve had who have improved their smile and their health with Invisalign!

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