First Dental Visit


    • Your first dental visit will consist of a thorough review of your dental insurance (if you have a policy) or other financial concerns you may have. 
    • After being escorted to the clinical area, we will take any needed radiographs (X-rays) and perform a comprehensive dental examination to evaluate the status of your teeth and gums. 
    • We will typically complete a professional dental cleaning, along with discussions on proper diet, nutrition, and good oral hygiene habits with our dental hygienist, who will also visit with you about any concerns you have. 
    • One of our dentists will examine your mouth and visit with you about any concerns we find, coordinating these with any specific concerns that you have. We will then formulate a final treatment plan to address any areas of concern. 
    • At the end of your visit, you can discuss with one of our treatment coordinators, where all financial or insurance matters will be reviewed and appointments made for treatment, should you require any. 

    If you have any questions about your first dental visit at Kik Dental in Boise, Idaho, feel free to call our office at (208) 342-3440. 


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