The Proven Process: How Do We Help You?

The Kik Dental way is our proven process, tried, tested and refined over many years, which allows us to deliver amazing levels of care and service to our patients. It is based on three key concepts:


  • Understand each patient’s objectives, concerns, insurance and finances in order to develop a custom treatment approach that meets their needs, goals and timeline.


  • Ensure patients understand their insurance coverage, financial information and options.
  • Ensure patient understanding of the indications for treatment and why they are needed.
  • Ensure understanding of how treatment can be phased to fit their wants, needs and budget.


  • Provide an efficient, organized appointing process for the delivery of care that respects your time.
  • Proficient team members, ensuring efficiency in appointing, treatment and financial processing.
  • Convenient online pay options, text/email appointment reminders/confirmation to make life easy.

To learn more about Kik Dental and how we can help you with your smile, contact our office at 208-342-3440 today.

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