No Insurance? No Problem!

The Kik Dental Discount Plan (KDDP) provides reduced cost dental care for individuals without dental insurance in Boise, Idaho. There are no annual maximums, deductibles, waiting periods or frequency limitations of any kind. It is simple, affordable and easy to understand. Most importantly, it allows you to obtain the dental services you need for a lifetime of dental health.

How Does the Plan Work?

  • As a member, you will receive a 20% discount on all dental services we provide, including cosmetic services.*
  • Invisalign® orthodontic procedures are eligible for a 5% discount.
  • Payment in full for services is accepted on the day of service via cash, check or credit card.

*Please note that discounts do not apply to procedures referred to specialists. These include, but are not limited to, certain periodontal (gum) procedures, oral surgery (complex extractions, implant placement), endodontic (root canal) procedures and referred orthodontic procedures.

What Does the Plan Cost?

  • $59 per year for individuals
  • $99 per year for families (couples, plus children living in the household up to the age of 25)
  • $81 per year for senior couples age 65 and over

How Does the Program Save Money?

By reducing your costs, we hope to improve your ability to afford regular exams, cleanings and routine care.

Because simple dental problems can turn into complicated, costly ones, regular dental visits are the best way to maintain oral health and save money in the long term.

How Do I Enroll?

The Kik Dental Discount Plan (KDDP) is an annual plan that begins the month in which you enroll in the program and is renewed every year thereafter. We will inform you when renewal is necessary. There is no long-term obligation to continue participating. For more information, call Kik Dental at 208-342-3440 and schedule an appointment.

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